Pro-Mind IT’s expertise help businesses adopt modern processes, saving them time, sweat and money, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Pro-Mind IT Consulting


With over 17 years of international experience in the IT field, ProMind IT will assist and guide your business by providing IT consultation which is based solely on your business requirements. ProMind IT is completely unbiased with no allegiance to any software provider, benefitting your business as only the most suitable products, processes and solutions are considered. Making your IT work for your business lies at the top of our agenda, streamlining processes and reducing costs are equally highly prioritized.

Pro-Mind IT Solutions


With our extensive knowledge in the fields of IT, E-commerce, marketing and business processes, Pro-Mind IT is the right choice to bring your company into the 21st century and beyond. We develop solutions to streamline your business, keeping your sales force abreast with Customer Relationship Management tools. Monitoring your stock movements, purchases and sales through Enterprise Resource Planning platforms.

Pro-Mind IT managed hosting


Making sure your online applications and websites are up, running, reachable and frequently backed-up requires dedicated resources. Modern systems require 24/7 up-time monitoring, regular security checks and updates, Pro-Mind IT offer our expert services in setting-up and managing your systems taking the burden away from you, whilst ensuring that your business systems are online 24 hours a day.

Pro-Mind IT Managed IT Services


Most businesses start out offering a primary product or service to the market. Planning and running of an IT infrastructure to support the business plays a secondary role as emphasis is put on the core activities. Pro-Mind IT’s management services ensure that the complete IT system is managed and grows with the company, allowing the IT systems to support and add value to the business processes with no additional resource allocation necessary.

Pro-Mind IT Communication


In a world where communication systems are evolving everyday, Pro-Mind IT will assist in choosing the best cost effective communication solutions for your business, allowing expandability and adapting your infrastructure to cater for future developments. We offer expert advice on SIP and VOIP solutions, helping you get the most out of your business and making sure you are reachable globally around the clock.

Pro-Mind IT Web Design


Pro-Mind IT will develop your website and incorporate your online presence, making sure the content is SEO friendly and that your services or products are clearly findable on the world wide web. Site speed and mobile adaptivity play major roles in the ranking of your sites today, we make sure that you never miss an opportunity again.

Pro-Mind IT open Source Solutions


Long time users of Open Source solutions ourselves, we take pride in being able to offer and implement these solutions to clients. Using open-source solutions, especially for start-ups, can cater for big savings that can be spent elsewhere in your business, whilst the flexibility offered allows business to adapt the systems to their exact needs.